Fast Brow Facts

Fast Brow Facts:

  • “Brow gel is a recent thing. Today’s brows are a more groomed version (well-shaped and trimmed) of the thick, full brows from the ’80s. But back in the day, we used clear mascara to hold our brows thoughtfully in place. Today we have products that not only specifically are meant to hold the shape of the brow but [are] waterproof to protect against sweat.” — Tonya Crooks

  • “Stress can cause your brows to grow slower or not at all."- Elke Von Freudenberg

  • A lot of people will lean in very close to the mirror when working on their eyebrows, but this can actually wind up not giving you the look you wanted. Stay at least a foot away from the mirror while you're doing your brows to give yourself a better perspective, then lean in at the end to outline. - Ming

  • Consider the shape of your face when deciding which eyebrow shape you should go for. There are a few common shapes: Oval, Long, Round, Square, Heart and Diamond

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